First official video of the 2012 Porsche 911 in action.

The best part? You get to hear it in all its glory for a full 22 seconds starting at 0:59.


Monster Tajima’s record-breaking 9:51:58 run up Pikes Peak in his 2011 Monster Sport (Suzuki) SX4 Hill Climb Special (makes 910 bhp out of its highly tuned, twin-turbo 3100cc V-6).

How close he gets to the edge is almost sickening.


Three-time British Rally Champion Mark Higgins almost crashes at 150 mph on Bray Hill in a Subaru WRX STI at the Isle of Man TT.


Exclusive video of our ride in the Ruf RGT-8. This is the first look inside Ruf’s new V-8 powered supercar.


A lap inside the official 2011 Indy Pace Car with Emerson Fittipaldi


Just unveiled ahead of the 2011 New York Auto Show, the longer, wider and lower new Volkswagen Beetle is meant to “appeal to a broader audience worldwide.”


Drive to Cabo in the new 2011 Outlander Sport? Are you crazy? Maybe.

The still photos of the 33 Indy 500 winners (which really was 32 actual cars plus one replica) doesn’t really do this historic gathering justice. This short video does however, in recounting how the Speedway Museum pulled 27 of the cars from its floor and had 4 others trucked in—including Henry Ford’s ’65 Lotus driven by Jimmy Clark. We had an opportunity to have a drive and photograph session of two of the cars a day later—these stories will appear in the February and March issues of Road & Track. For now, however, enjoy the video.

What does it take for a rookie to survive their first Super Lite Truck race weekend?


The Audi R8 has received the same lightening treatment recently bestowed on its Germanic sister, the Gallardo. It’s called the R8 GT, and it’s a limited production run of 333 cars worldwide.

Patrick Long of Flying Lizard Motorsports breaks down the difference between the 911 GT3 street car and the GT3 RSR race car.

Paul Gentilozzi of RSR Jaguar breaks down the difference between the XKR street car and the XKR GT race car.

Jaime Melo of Risi Competizione breaks down the difference between the F430 street car and the F430 GTC race car.

Jan Magnussen of Corvette Racing breaks down the difference between the ZR1 street car and the C6. R race car.

Tommy Milner of Rahal Letterman Racing breaks down the difference between the M3 street car and the M3 GT race car.